Youth Safety

It is important to create a secure environment for our youth memebers. To maintain such an environment, the BSA has developed numerous procedural and leadership selection policies and provides parents and leaders with resources for all our programs. Below you will find information on youth safety in regards to personal safety, privacy, youth protection, safety in the outdoors, keeping safe while online, as well as training for knife and fire safety for cub scouts. Maintaining youth and leader training provides units and individuals with the tools necessary for a fun and safe scouting experience.

Scouting Safely

The following resources may be used by parents and leaders in their efforts to protect youth. All of these resources can be purchased through the Lincoln Heritage Scout Shop at 502-267-8092, or contact the LHC Scout Shop Manager, Jaime Bloat at

Youth Safety

Guide to Safe Scouting
The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner.