Is your unit being left behind?

The future to recruiting is now! Get updated and GET STARTED with!!

National and local marketing efforts are driving families and in particularly interested parents and youth to as a first step in finding a Scouting program. There are many reasons your unit should use it, but by far the most important reason is that I can help get more youth into our Scouting program.

All of our National and local marketing materials highlight the site to new and potential families as a way for them to get connected! Please make sure your Scouting program is not looked over or out of date! Pin and New Lead Management Training

Update Your Unit’s Pin!

Click here  to learn how to update BeAScout pin.

The traffic for is growing and we need every Scouting program to take notice and update your information. Don’t miss an opportunity to help us in making Scouting available to all youth and families that are interested and are searching for a unit online through this great tool. Updating your information is the first step, but managing the leads of interested families is where the real fun begins!

If you haven’t made this a part of your recruiting strategy – START TODAY!

Your unit’s Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Committee Chair, or Charter Rep. has the ability to update and manage the pin by logging on to

4 quick steps to be on your way to updating your pin:

  1. Creating an account, logging on to
  2. Go to “Menu” at the top left of the home page and then click your unit number.
  3. Click “Organization Manager” and select “unit pin”
  4. Update your unit’s information

*Note please use any browser other than “Internet Explorer” Chrome or Firefox work best.

More info can be found at .

If you are having trouble or need any additional assistance in updating your pin please contact your District Executive or our council’s registrar at the Scout Office.

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