Stop Bullying

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Stop Bullying


The safety of your scout is the number one priority of the BSA. The BSA Youth Protection Guidelines and barriers to abuse are proven to keep young people safe in Scouting. Every Scout, parent, and volunteer, should be protected from bullying, harassment, improper touching and all other negative behaviors. No one should be threatened, harassed or abused, either verbally or physically in any way. Everyone in Scouting is expected to act in accordance with the Scout Oath & Law at all times.

The Boy Scouts of America and the Lincoln Heritage Council want to assure that there is a safe and protected way to report any of the above negative activities where all involved are treated with dignity and in confidence to the level allowed by law. All Violations of the BSA youth Protection Guidelines should be reported to the Scout Executive, Jason Pierce, immediately at

If you are being subjected to negative behaviors by anyone, please click on the enter button and let us know. We promise to take fast action to protect you and correct the behavior. Also, it is ok to report to us if you think this might be happening to a fellow Scout or Scouter. We will handle the report carefully with respect to everyone involved.

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