Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST)


The purpose of the ILST course is to teach Scouts with leadership positions about their new roles and how to most effectively reach success in that role. It is intended to help Boy Scouts in leadership positions within their Troop understand their responsibilities and to equip them with organizational and leadership skills to fulfill those responsibilities. ILST is the first course in the series of leadership training offered to Boy Scouts and is a replacement for Troop Leadership Training. Completion of ILST is a prerequisite for Boy Scouts to participate in the more advanced leadership courses National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) and the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE). It is also required to participate in a Kodiak Challenge Trek.


  • Organizing the troop
  • Planning and organizing activities and meetings
  • Assigning duties to others
  • Encouraging advancement
  • Guiding a troop’s involvement in problem-solving
  • Teaching outdoor, sports, or craft skills
  • Handling the troop’s finances
  • Encouraging participation
  • Helping other Boy Scouts make the most of their own leadership opportunties
  • Ensuring the troop’s safety during meetings or outings
  • Planning menus and figuring out food costs


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