Eagle Scout Letters

When to request Eagle Scout letter

The basic rule is ASAP. After a Scout completes his Board of Review, he typically has a few weeks up to months until his Eagle Court of Honor. This is the window of time you want to use to collect these letters.

Whom to ask for letters

  • City and county officials: your mayor, city council officials, school board president, or superintendent
  • Religious leaders
  • State officials: governor and your area’s legislators
  • Business leaders: CEOs and executives at major corporations based in your city
  • U.S. officials: the President, cabinet members, senators, representatives, military leaders, and department heads
  • Past Presidents or elected officials no longer in office
  • Prominent national people: astronauts, athletes, filmakers, and famous Eagle Scouts
  • Anyone who means something to your Eagle Scout

Where to find addresses

Click here for a link to an excellent resource from the U.S. Scouting Service Project.

For addresses not listed here, find the appropriate website and look for the “Contact Us” link- usually at the very top or bottom of the page.

Some entities, such as, NASA or the U.S. Army, allow you to submit requests online.

What to include

The U.S. Scouting Service Project recommends including the Scout’s full name, Troop number, Council, and a short description of his Eagle Scout service project.

Including a self-addressed stamped envelope makes it easier and faster to receive a response.

Please go HERE to see the process and forms for completing your journey to Eagle Scout.