Cub Recruitment

2019 Council Training Dates

Dan Boone Tuesday 7/25/2019 7:00PM Eastern Lagrange Presbyterian Church
Lincoln Trail Tuesday 7/30/2019 7:00PM Eastern First Presbyterian Church
Iroquois Tuesday 7/23/2019 7:00PM Eastern Cooper United Methodist Church
Cherokee Monday 7/24/2019 7:00PM Eastern Sam Swope Scout Service Center
Seneca Wednesday 7/24/2019 7:00PM Eastern Sam Swope Scout Service Center
Audubon Monday 7/15/2019 7:00PM Central First Baptist Church, Owensboro
Lewis and Clark Thursday 8/1/2019 6:30PM Eastern Trinity United Methodist Church
Tecumseh Tuesday 7/16/2019 7:30PM Central First Christian in Madisonville
Four Rivers Thursday 8/1/2019 7:00PM Central Calvert City UMC
Wapiti Friday 7/19/2019 7:00PM Central Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Top 4 Recruitment Tasks

Local Resources

The Lincoln Heritage Council will provide your pack with the following recruitment tools.

Additional Resources

Update your unit PIN on

Many families will turn to the Internet to find a unit for their son or daughter and many of them stumble upon BSA’s ““.   Make sure your unit’s information is up to date so that prospective families can find you.

Watch this video to find out how to do that