8 Tips For Recruiting Webelos

8 Tips For Recruiting Webelos image

8 Tips For Recruiting Webelos

Did you know over 90% of our Boy Scouts were Cub Scouts? The growth of our Boy Scouting program and your Troop is contingent on a strong Webelos to Scout Transition. Currently, our second year Webelos are searching for Troops to crossover to and your Troop could be their new home.

Here is a list of things your Troop can do to facilitate the Webelos to Scout Transition all while growing your Troop:

  1. Attend the Pack or second year Webelos meeting to extend an invitation for them to join your troop, visit your troop, and provide information about Summer Camp to get the boys excited!
  2. Work with your District Executive and District Webelos to Scout Chair to learn of any boys that are undecided or potential Webelos that you can invite above and beyond those in your feeder Pack. Many times we have boys and families that could use other options. As we know every Troop is different and perhaps yours is the right fit for a family – they just don’t know it yet as they have not visited!
  3. Plan a great crossover ceremony with the Pack to welcome and celebrate new Scouts joining your Troop. Remember to invite and include first Year Webelos and even Bears (soon to be Webelos) so they can see what their goal should be and look like! You should already be working to familiarize your Troop to the soon to be second year Webelos (current 1st years) and first year Webelos (current Bears). Start training Den Chiefs so they are ready to meet and work with these groups in the fall. Have a plan in place of communication to these groups for the next year so they know your Troop and it is a seamless transition.
  4. Plan a great meeting activity and a great first time camping with your Troop for new Scouts. By getting them involved and tailoring some activities and meetings to your new Scouts you will create the welcoming atmosphere you need to keep and get them ready for Summer Camp!
  5. Remember your new Scouts and parents are NEW TO BOY SCOUTING! Be welcoming and inviting. Leaders and Scouts should show Scouting spirit and be exemplary examples of the Scout Law to new Scouts and their parents!
  6. Get your new Boy Scouts to get their handbooks and begin working towards rank advancement right away in the first meetings and outings!
  7. Conduct a Summer Camp orientation for existing and new Scout and families to ensure all new Scouts go to camp. The retention rate for new Scouts that go to summer camp their first year is much higher than those that do not. Camp Crooked Creek has a great first year Summer Camp Program tailored for your new Scouts called the “Dan Boone program”.
  8. Every new Boy Scout must complete a new youth application signed by a unit leader and parent. There is no cost to transfer them from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting assuming they are currently registered. Please have this completed and submitted to Sam Swope Scout Center within two weeks of them joining the troop.

This is an exciting time of year so let’s make sure all of our second year Webelos have every opportunity to become Boy Scouts and go to summer camp this year!