Creative Assets

On this page you will find photos, logos and other things your unit can use on social media and elsewhere to help recruit new Cubs to your Pack.  Simply click on the item and download to your computer and share, share, share!

2020 Themed Assets

 Fall Recruitment Video

Copy and past this link into your social media and emails to send this video to others:


Social media templates

We’ve created some handy ideas your unit can use on social media to help recruit new Cub Scouts to your Pack.

Just copy and past the text into your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and download one or several of the many pictures we
have available below to spice things up.


Text Example
# 1

Join Cub Scouts! We’re looking for kids in grades 1-5 who like fun, adventure, games, hikes, bow and arrows, camping, making new friends and so much more. It all awaits in Cub Scouts. Come visit us on [DATE, TIME] at [LOCATION] and find out more. Or call us at [CONTACT INFO HERE]. It’s time to Get Out and Cub Scout.

# 2

Does your child like fun, games, making new friends, camping, bow and arrows, adventure, games and more?    We’ve got the perfect solution.   Join Cub Scouts.  They’ll experience the world in ways they’ve never done before.  Scouting builds character.  It’s prepares young people to take on any challenge.  It create tomorrow’s future leaders.  Contact us at [CONTACT INFO HERE] or come to our GET OUT AND CUB SCOUT event on [DATE, TIME, PLACE] and see for yourself.   Call [CONTACT INFO] for questions.

# 3

Think Cub Scouts is just fun and games, hikes, bow and arrows, BB guns, camping, fishing and making life-long friends?  You’re right!   But it’s so much more.  We’re building tomorrow’s leaders today by teaching responsibility, achievement, and team work.   Join us on [DATE, TIME, LOCATION] or contact us at [CONTACT INFO HERE] to learn how your child can get involved.   It’s time to GET OUT AND CUB SCOUT.


Photos for use in any medium