Facts about National BSA Bankruptcy Announcement


  • Scouting is Safe; Scouting is strong and thriving in our Council; and Scouting will continue in the Lincoln Heritage Council for many years to come.


  • The two goals of BSA’s Chapter 11 filing are:
    • Ensure fair and equitable compensation for victims that suffered abuse while in Scouting years ago.
    • Preserve BSA’s ability to continue the mission of Scouting for the future.


  • Scouting will continue, uninterrupted, regardless of the decision by the National BSA. The Council is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit entity, incorporated in Kentucky.  Our three camps, the Scout Service Center, Scout Shops, and all assets and finances are managed by the Lincoln Heritage Council Board of Directors.


  • Financial contributions to our Council (FOS, Camp Cards, Popcorn) stay local in our council to support our Scouts.


  • Our Council is strong and Scouting is thriving in the 64 counties we serve. We have just come off a record-setting year where we led the nation in recruiting new Cub Scouts.


  • The safety and the protection of children is our top priority — any incident of child abuse is one too many. We believe victims, we support them, we encourage them to come forward, and we believe in fairly and equitably compensating them.


  • Over the last several decades the Boy Scouts of America has in place a stringent, multi-layered approach to youth safety that includes barriers to abuse and empowers all in the Scouting community to recognize, respond and report abuse allegations.   You can view all our safeguards and watch the youth protection training course that is mandatory for all volunteers and employees to www.scouting.org/youth-safety.