LDS Training


Training conducted by the LDS-BSA Relationships Training Committee provides supplemental training for Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews charted by the LDS church. Current BSA and church guidelines are presented.  Training focuses on dove-tailing Scouting with the Primary and Aaronic Priesthood.

Scheduled Training


20 minute Opening Session with your choice of four 50-minute training sessions. 

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Training Available on Request:

Coordinate time and place through your stake Primary or Young Men presidencies.

Cub Scout Supplemental Training - Includes integrating Faith in God  and Scouting; Annual Planning; Rotating Calendars; Monthly Pack Leaders Meeting; Organization and Stewardship; Planning a one year Webelos program; and more.

Leader-specific Training for Adult Leaders of Eleven-year-old Boy Scouts (Indoor Portion only - Outdoor Leader Skills available through the Council.)

Troop Committee Supplemental Training - Model committee meeting and practice.

Quorum Specific Planning - Includes using BSA resources for annual planning; quorum presidency leadership and stewardship; Integrating Fulfilling My Duty to God  and Scouting; Using "Learn-Act-Share" format for Scouting activities; and more.


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