Council Officers

Council Key 3

Chairman of the Board                 
Mac Barr

Council Commissioner
Pat Hargadon

Scout Executive
Jason Pierce


Council Officers

Board Development Chair
Bruce Ferguson

District Operations Chair
Tom Hardy

Endowment Chair
Ron Barnes

Finance Chair
Ja Hillebrand

Human Resources Chair
John Combs

Exploring Chair
Kevin Etter

Immediate Past Chair
Larry Myers

Learning for Life Chair
Leon Mooneyhan

Legal Chair
David Tandy

Marketing Chair
David McArthur

Membership/Relationships Chair
John Fischer

Outreach Chair
Rene Brown

Program Chair
Lynn Granger

Properties Chair
David G. Derrick

Roger Harbeson

Assistant Treasurer
Carl Herde

Trustees Chair
Carl Thomas

Member at Large
David Daunhauer
Chip Hancock
Fletcher Schrock

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