Youth Training

In an effort to move towards simplification, we have consolidated the two volunteer sites, and The remaining links in the legacy were moved to and appear in the Menu drop down list under Legacy Web Tools. The links include:

  • BeAScout
  • Best Practices Portal
  • Internet Advancement
  • Internet Rechartering
  • Journey to Excellence
  • Manage Member ID
  • National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
  • Service Hours Reporting
  • Tour and Activity Plan
  • Voice of the Scout

Access to these services is still dependent on one’s registered position. So for example, if your login gave you access to Journey to Excellence in your Council Tools on the left side menu then you will now access this same dashboard by logging into, select Menu and then Legacy Web Tools in the dropdown list.

We also moved the ability to manage your member/person id’s that was previously located in the profile section to a new tool called Manage Member ID. If you have multiple member numbers (for example you are registered in more than one council) and you need to add or change one and set as primary for your role, then select Manage Member ID from the drop down list. Once the change is made you must log out and log back in to have the system recognize the alternate membership, its corresponding security and tools access.

This consolidation was made to eliminate ongoing frustration about needing to go to two different places. We hope you agree this is a positive step forward!

Cub Scouts

Boy Scouts

Venturer & Sea Scouts

For Older Scouts and Venturers


Youth Safety

Adult Leader Training Opportunities: see our Adult Leader Training page, the District Training pages (Unit Commissioners, District Commissioners, Chartered Org Reps).

Contact Matt Nash – Director of Field Services at 502-400-5372 or by email at