Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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There are approximately 100 board members representing the twenty-five counties of the Lincoln Heritage Council. The board meets five times a year at noon, usually on the fourth Friday of those months. This date is subject to review annually to suit the greatest number of board members. The meetings are held at the Sam Swope Scout Center at noon and adjourn no later than 1:15 p.m.

The board has the oversight responsibility of the council and acts on recommendations by the committees of the council that report at the board meetings. The board reviews the financial condition of the council as well as the program developments that affect the youth members of the council. There are no strict attendance requirements but it is hoped that board members would be in a position to attend at least half of the board meetings during the year. Even though a number of board members cannot meet these requirements, they still serve with much effectiveness because of their influence and administrative skills.

Executive Council

View our Executive Council Members

Council Officers

  • Mac Barr
    Council Chair
  • Fletcher Schrock
    Member at Large
  • Pat Hargadon
    Council Commissioner
  • Jason Pierce
    Scout Executive
  • Bruce Ferguson
    Board Development Chair
  • Tom Hardy
    District Operations Chair
  • Ron Barnes
    Endowment Chair
  • Ja Hillebrand
    Finance Chair
  • John Combs
    Human Resources Chair
  • Kevin Etter
    Exploring Chair
  • Larry Myers
    Immediate Past Chair
  • Leon Mooneyhan
    Learning for Life Chair
  • David Tandy
    Legal Chair
  • David McArthur
    Marketing Chair
  • John Fischer
    Membership/Relationships Chair
  • Rene Brown
    Outreach Chair
  • Lynn Granger
    Program Chair
  • David G. Derrick
    Properties Chair
  • Roger Harbeson
  • Carl Herde
    Assistant Treasurer
  • Carl Thomas
    Trustees Chair
  • David Daunhauer
    Member at Large
  • Chip Hancock
    Member at Large

Executive Board

  • Greg Schreake
  • Bonnie Schrock
  • Fletcher Schrock
  • Eric Seto
  • Wilfred Sieg
  • Robert Silverthorn
  • Don Slone
  • Mary Stober
  • Lyle Stucki
  • Dick Swope
  • David Tandy
  • Rick Tatum
  • Carl Thomas
  • Terry Tyler
  • Mark Wheeler
  • Chuck Willenbrink
  • Jim Witten
  • Jerry Zimmerer
  • Charles McCormick
  • Tom McGuire
  • Jeff McKenzie
  • Russell McKinley
  • Jeff Merman
  • Mike Meyer
  • Leon Mooneyhan
  • Larry Myers
  • Mike Nettles
  • Phil Pfeffer
  • Debbie Prewitt
  • Sarah Provancher
  • Matt Ricketts
  • Brad Rives
  • A. Tonii Rizzo
  • Jim Rogers
  • Rob Royer
  • Greg Sartor
  • Jim Schildt
  • Chuck Schnatter
  • Lynn Granger
  • Chip Hancock
  • Seth Hancock
  • Roger Harbeson
  • A. Thomas Hardy
  • Pat Hargadon
  • John Harrison
  • Robert Hausladen
  • Carl Herde
  • Ja Hillebrand
  • D. Brent Housman
  • David Huff
  • Jennifer Hughes
  • Alex Hunnicutt
  • John Issacs
  • Andy Johnson
  • Dennis Johnson
  • J. Paul Keith, III
  • Bob Kleehamer
  • David McArthur
  • Joe Collins
  • John Combs
  • Al Cornish
  • Steve Cummins
  • John-Robert Curtin
  • David Daunhauer
  • David Derrick
  • Innes Dobbins, III
  • Steve Dobler
  • Robert Doll
  • Kevin Etter
  • David W. Evanczyk
  • Tom Fenton
  • Bruce Ferguson
  • Stuart Ferguson
  • John Fischer
  • Stan Frager
  • Paul Frederick
  • Harry Freibert
  • David Garrison
  • Walt Anderson
  • Mark Ashburn
  • Bentley Badgett
  • Ron Barnes
  • Bill Barron
  • Steve Bays
  • Thomas Becherer
  • Neville Blakemore
  • Chris Bottorff
  • Pete Boyce
  • Rene Brown
  • Bruce Brubaker
  • Stuart Burris
  • Jeff Calabrese
  • Phil Camp
  • Tiffany Cardwell
  • Tom Carr
  • Breck Cayce
  • Dick Clay

Advisory Council

  • John Shaver
  • Michael Snyder
  • Carl Swope   
  • Frank Hower, III
  • Bob Jones
  • Lloyd Jones
  • Wayne Joplin
  • William Knopf
  • Bill Lamb
  • Jorge Lanz
  • Jim Leopold
  • Harry Lusk
  • John Malloy
  • John Mattingly
  • Chris Morris
  • O. Wayne Mortenson
  • Mary Moseley
  • Michael Mountjoy
  • Bill Niehaus
  • Ken Rapier
  • Brad Ray
  • Todd Royer
  • T. William Samuels, Jr.
  • Monty Boyd
  • Ulysses Bridgeman, Jr.
  • Pedro Bryant
  • Jimmy Dan Conner
  • Sam Corbett
  • Kevin Cosby
  • Denny Crum
  • Keith Davis
  • Robert Doty
  • Larry Edlin
  • Wayne Estopinal
  • David A. Evanczyk
  • Ralph Fitzpatrick
  • William Fuqua
  • Dawne Gee
  • Leonard V. Hardin
  • Gary Haupt
  • John A. Hillerich, III
  • John A. Hillerich, IV
  • Bill Howard

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The Lincoln Heritage Council operates one Council Service Center. Business hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday. All council business may be conducted at the Scout Center. This includes membership registration, camp registration, and Scout Shop purchases.