Summer Time Pack Award


Your Pack can qualify the National Summertime Pack Award by planning and conducting three pack activities – one each in June, July, and August. Cub Scout Packs can earn a colorful ribbon for your Pack flag and a National Award Certificate that can be displayed within your program’s Chartered Organization. Individual Cub Scout Dens can earn a participation ribbon by having at least half of their members attend the three events. Our individual Cub Scouts can earn a National Summertime Award Pin by attending all three events.

The purpose of the National Summertime Pack Award is to encourage packs to provide a year-round program by continuing to meet during the time periods when school is out of session for several weeks or months. If a pack is in a 'year-round school' (or is part of a home-school association), the pack could earn the Summertime Pack Award by having a special pack activity during those breaks.

Cub Scout Packs that have a strong year-round program have a greater retention rate of their members and are able to stay organized. Packs with a year-round program do not lose all of their momentum during the “summer break”, but rather use the summer as an opportunity to keep their momentum and stay organized going into the Fall. They are able to hit the ground running in those most important month’s in the fall where we are introducing Cub Scouting to all our for our new families and youth.

What should you do for a Pack activity? Perhaps have a Family Picnic, Swimming Day, Hike, Fishing Day, Pack Trip to the Zoo, Pack BBQ, or Field Trip. The possibilities are endless for activities for you to build better relationships with your families and most importantly perhaps recruit some new leaders going into the fall.

Every Pack should and could earn the Summertime Pack Award to strengthen the quality of your Program!! Don’t think that families are too busy during the summer months – rather most families are looking for a family friendly activity that isn’t too costly and can keep their Scouts and family busy during those summer months. GOOD LUCK AND GO EARN THAT AWARD!!

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