Ever wonder how many rubber bands it takes to blow up a watermelon? Want to make your own bouncy ball? Have you ever played music using vegetables and fruits? These questions and more will be answered!   Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and, Math are exactly what you will see and experience at STEAM Camp! This week-long hands-on program is sure to ignite your excitement for the world of STEAM. 

At summer STEAM camps, boys and girls can work in teams,meet new friends, and perform exciting hands-on experiments that make science, technology, engineering, and math come alive.




July 16-20, 2018

Drop off:  8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

Pick up: 4 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Watkins United Methodist Church

Monday, July 16

Rockets and Robots         

Grab your space gear! We'll become astronauts and engineers to explore the Galaxy with the help of robots, and experience our very own rocket launch at camp!

Tuesday, July 17

Dinosaurs, Mutants, & Maneaters

Megalodons, Velociraptors, Two-Headed Snakes, and Great White Sharks! Take a look around our excitng planet! We'll be looking at how mutations can change a species, looking for extinct animals, and learning about the largest, speediest, and the freakiest animals on the planet!

Wednesday, July 18

Bang, Boom, Splash, Frame!

Frame your science in this action-packed day of STEAM camp! Young scientists will see how science and art can come together to create colorful fireworks, kaleidoscopes, music, and even how science plays into the big screen!

Thursday, July 19

Crime Fighting Chemistry 

 DNA, fingerprints, and crime solving, oh my! See how police, FBI, CIA, and emergency responders use science to check for evidence, find missing people, and bring justice to our communities! Be sure to bring your thinking cap, this day is for solving mysteries!

Friday, July 20

Slimy, Gooey Delicious Science

Prepare to get messy! Scouts coming to camp on this day will get to experience the slimy, the gooey, the tasty, and the just plain weird world we live in!


Must register by June 15 for the discounted rates below:

$35 One Day Rate

$70 Two Day Rate

$90 Three Day Rate

$120 Four Day Rate

$150 Five Day Rate


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Medical Form Parts A & B (Required for all participants. Please bring to camp.)


Contact Sarah Griffy Camp Director,
Katie Glesing, Staff Advisor, 502-400-5360 or

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