Recharter is the process where a Scout unit renews its charter as an official part of the Boy Scouts of America. This involves:

  • updating your unit’s roster online and submitting the required documentation to council.
  • payment of registration fees for new and current youth and adults who are members or desire to be members of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • payment of the group insurance coverage fee by every unit within Lincoln Heritage Council.


Nearly all of our Scouting program’s charters expire December 31, 2017. It is important that you begin the planning and preparation now to submit your recharter renewal paperwork prior to December. It is important to submit your renewal paperwork on time for several reasons, but perhaps the most important is that it allows time for the Scout Office to review and process this paperwork prior to any unnecessary delays. Put this paperwork behind you, so your program can hit the ground running in 2018.

Recharter information packets (containing your unit’s online recharter code) are ready right now for distribution and will be available at your District’s September Roundtable/District Meetings. If you would like to schedule a meeting to pick-up and/or review this information please contact your District Executive or your District Commissioner.

NOTE: We will have paper copies of your renewal paperwork available at your October District Roundtable Meetings. It is very important that all new youth applications are processed in September so they are printed on the renewal paperwork.



TIME              TASK

NOW               Assign and/or recruit a volunteer responsible for 2018 re-charter paperwork.

SEPT– OCT    Review the re-charter roster for 2018 and begin collecting fees/renewing existing    members for the upcoming year and update their contact information.

SEPT – OCT    Recruit new youth and leaders. Obtain applications for all new adult leaders and youth members.

OCT                 Online re-charter is “open” October 1st.

                        NOTE: Once completed online the finalized paperwork must be printed and the required signatures along with additional paperwork on new youth/adults and fees submitted to council office.

ASAP               Complete and submit your re-charter paperwork and avoid trying to get this done around the holidays!

NOTE:  Re-charters are due NO LATER than December 15, 2017.  This will allow time for review, processing, and completion by January 1, 2018.

LATE NOTICE JANUARY 1, 2018: Charter renewal paperwork and payment that have not been submitted will be in lapsed status and not be registered with the BSA on January 1st.  This will impact your unit’s insurance coverage, liability coverage, advancement processing, and all accounts through Scout Office.


  • Units must remain registered to be covered by the BSA liability insurance policy.
  • Adults must be registered to be covered by the BSA liability insurance and council accident insurance policies.
  • Being late with this process will affect your youth members’ advancements and unit/individual registration tenure.
  • Youth members must be registered to be covered by the council accident insurance policy.
  • Criminal records background checks are conducted on adults when applications are turned in to the council office.
  • Boy’s Life and Scouting magazine subscriptions may be suspended if a unit’s re-charter is turned in late.


Recharter Checklist and Timeline

2018 Unit Charter Instructions

Program Position Requirements

Unit Accident and Sickness Insurance Info 

Notice of Mandatory and Current YPT

Explanation of 2018 Recharter Fees

Common Defects for Youth and Adult Applications

Internet Rechartering Log In Instructions (NOTE: If you need your ID # please contact your Commissioner, District Executive, or Scout Office)

Are you a Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Scout Team, Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship?
CLICK HERE to access Internet Recharter.

Are you an Explorer Post?
CLICK HERE to access Internet Recharter through the MyParticipation portal.

What if my unit has questions?
Please contact your District Commissioner or District Executive. Contact info will be on your District Info pagepage or for executive info CLICK HERE for staff directory.

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