2018 Popcorn Sale

Welcome to the 2018 Popcorn Sale: Popcorn Superheroes!

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for this year's sale including new and old product favorites, exciting new prizes, and a special patch for our top sellers!

2018 Popcorn Sale Activity Shirt

Be sure your Super Scouts are ready to jump into action and save the day by equipping them with the complete Super Scout Uniform!
These make awesome "Class B", or Activity Uniform, shirts, get your's today!


Submit your completed 2018 Popcorn Sale T-shirt Order Form to the Sam Swope Scout Center today!

2018 Popcorn Sale T-shirt Order Form

Contact Josh Simpson at 205popcorn@scouting.org or 502-267-8092 for questions or additioanal information.

2018 Show N' Sell Distribution Information



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Why Popcorn?
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2018 Show N' Sell Ordering Tool

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2018 Ordering Steps for Kernels

2018 Online Selling for Scouts


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2018 Unit Kick-Off Contest Flyer     2018 Unit Kickoff Sample Presentation
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Popcorn Safety Selling Tips                       Sample Script for Scouts                    
Answers to Buying Popcorn Objections Customer Tracking Sheet
Show N Deliver Tips

2018 Lincoln Heritage Council Take Order Form


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Show N Sell Location Ideas Sample Show N Sell Tally Form
Pay Anywhere Unit Sell Sheet 2018 Show N Sell Order Form


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