Patriot Games

Patriot Games - 2018

(Dates and information pending)


2015 Patriot Games  - Patriot Games Orientation Presentation

Patriot Games is a unique and very memorable event that includes camping, competitive events, military displays, shooting sports, Patton Museum tours, and much, much more!  Patriot Games will be attended by as many as 10,000 youth, leaders, and visitors from all over the region.

This fantastic event will be the highlight of your Scouts’ year!  If you’ve been to Fort Knox before, you know the value of the Patriot Games weekend.  I assure you this year’s event promises to be full of new and exciting activities.

Volunteers are needed to help with set up in the days prior and through the entire weekend.


2015 Schedule of Events - may not reflect actual info for 2018

  • Set Up             
  • Registration             
  • Clean Up            
  • Information Booth
  • Religious Services               
  • Cub Scout Events             
  • Boy Scout Events        
  • Venturing Events
  • Opening/Closing Ceremony

2015 Example: - Leader's Guide     &      Map of Keys Park

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