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Six Benefits Of Spring Recruitment

Your Packs and Troops are getting ready for your biggest adventure of the year – CAMP! Summer Camp provides opportunities for new Scouts to experience the amazing outdoors immediately, making it the perfect time to recruit new Scouts. Camp isn't the only reason your unit should consider recruiting new Scouts this spring.

  1. Kindergarteners are available and not overwhelmed with joining opportunities. This summer is the first opportunity for a Tiger Cub to attend Day Camp activities. Try focusing on Friend to Friend recruitment of Lion Dens formed in the Fall of 2016.
  2. Your Fifth Grade Cub Scouts and Webelos can join a Boy Scout Troop.
  3. Summer is a great time for families to do Scouting together.
  4. Scouts have the option to participate in a Summer Camp and be really excited about Scouting before their den even starts!
  5. Spring is perfect for identifying and recruiting new leaders. You can even prepare your new leaders to get things rolling for the fall.
  6. Spring recruitment is an opportunity to re-engage Scouts dropped from your unit's recharter. These Scouts may be interested in rejoining your unit or finding a different one.

Just as your unit is, the Lincoln Heritage Council is committed to extending the Scouting program to all youth in our community. During this spring, plans will include recruitment events for Packs & Troops that are able to enroll boys and provide program throughout the summer to ensure their continued activity in Scouting.

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