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What should you expect?

The Lion program involves participation by a child and a caring adult. Den meetings and outings are facilitated by Lion guide. The Lion guide is an experienced Cub Scout leader. He or she will lead the first den meeting of the year. The Lion guide will help each adult partner lead one of the subsequent meetings. Parents should take the responsibility of planning and leading a specific den meeting or outing. The den meeting and outing plans are provided in the Parent and Leader Guidebook.

It is suggested that each family take one adventure and rotate responsibilities. We spread out leadership responsibilities so involvement is rewarding, not a burden. It’s more fun this way and the Lions love to see their parents/guardians taking on the task and providing leadership to them and their friends.

How are the meetings structured?
Lion dens meet twice a month during the school year. The den will pick a time that works best for the members of the den. A complete and detailed program is provided to help the Lion guides and adult partners deliver the Lion program. The meeting plans can be found in the Parent and Leader Guidebook.

The Lion adults will set the schedule of their den meetings and outings during their first gathering. Each adult will choose which den meeting they will host. They should plan to host one or two. One will be a den meeting and the other will be an outing or a pack meeting.

Understanding the Den Meeting
Dens meet once per month at a time that is convenient to members of the Lion den. The den meeting is with just their group of kindergarten-age boys. It is led by a Lion guide or a parent who, with support from the Lion guide, plans and leads activities. Most dens meet in a home or central location such as a church or school. It is up to the families in your den to determine what is most convenient.

Outings and Pack Meetings

Outings will be a time for the entire family to join the Lion and other Lion families on a fun adventure. The outing may be a field trip to a place of interest for the boys in the den or it may be a visit to a pack meeting. A pack meeting is a monthly gathering for all of the Cub Scout dens in a pack. Lions generally attend only a few pack meetings each year.

Program Material
The Lion Parent and Leader Guidebook is available for each family.  This handbook contains the activities and ideas for a complete year. The program is based on feedback from parents and educational experts.

Each Lion and a parent need to register with the Lincoln Heritage Council. The BSA registration fee will cover insurance one one year of program. Each youth and adult partner need to complete one youth application and submit it to the Lion guide. The Lion guide should complete and submit an adult application to the council.

Our council will provide an orientation that will help you understand how a Lion den functions and the importance of your role.

Lion Scouts must have an “adult partner” with them at all times. This is required by the Boy Scouts of America.

The Ideal Den Size
The best size for a Lion den is six to eight boys and their adult partners. The youth at this age are usually very energetic with short attention spans. If there are too many Lions, it’s hard to manage well; and if there are too few Lions, it’s not the ideal situation for group activities.

The Lion Badge
Upon completion of the Lion program year each boy will earn the Lion badge. The first five required adventures are designed to focus each Lion on demonstrating skills in the areas of adventure, leadership, personal fitness, citizenship, and character. Lions will receive a patch at the completion of the required adventures. This is the Lion badge. The badge will be available for purchase at the store.

The Lion Uniform
The Lion uniform is a Lion t-shirt. The t-shirt will be available for purchase at the Scout Store.

Understanding the Lion Guide and Lion Coordinator


Lion Guide Position Description
An experienced and engaged Lion guide is recruited to take the lead on facilitating den meetings with assistance and support from the parents. Since Lion is often the first experience a family has with Scouting, it must be a fun and positive experience.
• Has previous successful experience as a den leader
• Works directly with other den and pack leaders to ensure that the den is an active and successful part of the pack
• Plans and prepares for initial Lion den meeting and outings
• Mentors adult partners in the delivery of Lion den meetings
• Attends the pack leaders’ meetings
• Leads the den at the monthly outings and other pack activities
• Ensures the transition of Lion Scouts to Tiger at year-end
• Prepares the Lions for day camp at the end of the Lion year if appropriate
• Coordinates shared leadership among the Lion adult partners in the den
• Ensures that each Lion and his adult partner have the opportunity to be the host team, which plans and executes the den activities, and rotates responsibilities monthly.

Lion Coordinator Position Description
The Lion coordinator is an experienced den leader or former Lion guide who will work to support the Lion guide as he or she delivers the year’s program.
• Is an experienced and successful den leader
• Understands den and pack operations within the overall structure of Cub Scouting
• Demonstrates excellent communication and organization skills (and will remain in at least monthly contact with the Lion dens)
• Participates as needed in the unit’s Join Scouting Night with all new Lions and their parents
• Assists with the Lion guide in hosting the first orientation meeting for all the individual Lion dens in their pack
• Serves as a coach and mentor for the Lion guide

Your Unit Commitment
Our Pack requests to be included in the Lions pilot program being offered by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America for Kindergarten boys and their adult partners administered by the Lincoln Heritage Council. As a pack, we commit to the following:
• Recruit Kindergarten boys to the Lions program being offered by our pack
• Provide the Lions program from September 2016 through June 2017
• Use only the materials being provided by the National Council
• Register Lions and their adult partners using a BSA youth application
• Collect and submit the annual BSA registration fees to the Lincoln Heritage Council
• Attend a WCC Lion Pilot Program training/coaching session
• Lion Coordinators and Lion Guides are required to complete Youth Protection training, be in compliance with their State laws and other BSA adult leader requirements
• Complete the feedback forms requested by the National or Local Council
• Have an active email address for your Lion Guide and Lion Coordinator
• Our pack will not deviate from the program provided

Lion Cub Program Application (PDF)

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