Facility Rentals

To inquire about renting rooms in the Sam Swope Scout Service Center, please contact Clint Scharff directly at clint.scharff@scouting.org or 502-400-5557.


To reserve one or more spaces at our Council Owned Camps, you will need to contact the Business Manager at 502-361-2624 to inquire about which areas are open at the time you want them. After your reservation has been made, a Permit for Facility Use or Equipment Rental form (found below) must be submitted no later than two weeks from the date your reservation was made. This form must be filled out entirely and submitted to the Council Office. Failure to do this can result in the loss of your reservation. When you arrive at our Council Camps, you are required to sign in with the Campmaster on duty. You will also need to check out with them when you are done. A cleaning deposit is required for all buildings.  The Camp Rangers will inspect the area rented the Monday following the visit.  If the area has been cleaned thoroughly, the deposit check will be returned by mail.  Check the Forms section or Our Camps section for a total list of pricing and buildings available at all our Council Owned Camps.


Tunnel Mill and Camp Crooked Creek Pricing and Rules

Roy C. Manchester and Camp Wildcat Hollow Pricing and Rules

Facilities Permit for all LHC Scout Reservations

Please review our Tour and Activity Planning FAQ.

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